Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Men After My Heart

After doing Creative Writing in class today, I was reminded of how much poetry speaks to me. I would rather read a whole book of poetry than a novel. That's right, I'm totes having a love affair with poetry and my love is torn between two men, ee cummings and Pablo Neruda.

I think it's the way these men wrote of love that has me completely captivated. I hang on every word of theirs.

Pablo Neruda

Is known to write his poetry in a rhythm that is supposed to mirror sex. So just from that, it's easy to say his stuff is deeply passionate and his imagery is flawless and seducing. Some of his poems can be found under my Poetry page. Definitely worth taking a look!

Ee Cummings

This guy knows how to take ordinary, boring things and give them the most beautiful shades. He writes of nature and love and people and God and even sex (The most amazing way you will ever see sex written) and I am head over heels for him. I will be posting some of his stuff soon, so keep and eye out!

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