Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brushing Shoulders


Yesterday probably one of the best days I've had in a long time!

It started with going to Jamaica Me Crazy for the most delicious half price Camenbert burger, followed by half price movies at the Waterfront where we bumped into.... give me a second... JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS!!!!!

We couldn't believe our eyes and he was so casual about it, just sitting outside by the walkway, "waiting for my taxi" he said in his delicious Irish accent. I have to say that he has the most amazing eyes and for a moment I couldn't talk, I just stood there looking at his eyes with a goofy smile on my face (death haha)

But then we watched Your Highness and I think all the boys and I nearly died when we saw Natalie Portman. Let me just say, that movie has A LOT of bare skin so you will get your money's worth haha

And of course we ended the night with half price cocktails.

I think the friends I was with made it completely worth it! Jaz, Sarah, Kieran, Ali, Skye and Rob, I love you all. You're all bad ass and great fighters haha

Here's some proof in case you didn't believe me:

That's all<3

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