Monday, December 17, 2012


You walk into the room and smile at all the right times because you know they're all watching you. You play it coy because shy hearts are easier to love, and paired with marble eyes, you're a winning streak any buster would step into the ring for. And that's how it feels - like a fight.

All the screaming becomes white noise because you're the accumulation of every sense. Touch. Taste. Feel. Hear. See. Love. And my heart's doing all the work, making sure every part of my body knows you're there even when you're not. 

I'm two rounds in and I can barely pick myself up off the floor. 

Oh, but what a prize. You stand there, making sure not to meet my eyes and I'm all the way here, chewing on the smoke the train left behind when it ran away with my common sense. 


I start counting the hearts dropping around you.


You make perfect look so easy.


I'm walking over to you.


Your eyes rush for a place to hide.


You can feel the heat of the hot mess I've become.


You lose your resistance to my thieving kiss.


I wait as the last heart to drop is yours.


I’ve spent my life waiting.

And I’ve wondered why flowers close up when they feel the rain,
Thinking of how I’ve left myself open to drown in you.

They’ve learnt what happens when you’ve run out of space to breathe,
I’ve learnt that I’ll never learn anything unless it kills me.

We’ve both learnt the importance of patience
Because we’re only waiting to be picked.

Tyre Swing

And I could dent the hardest earth
With my steps weighed down
By her anxious lungs.

Anxious not for me
But for the dissolving of the bitter tablet
On her curious tongue
To numb the pain
Of a broken tyre swing and
The haunting of a shadow who liked to play tricks

I remember a heart full of hope
And the taste of sunshine
Stolen from the Southern hemisphere
And a locket around another’s neck
Where I dared not to cross
Lest I was prepared to give it all up

And I did, for you.