Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wrote a Letter to my Love and on the Way I Dropped It

I've recently gotten back into the habit of writing letters and I've found that its so inspiring. I'm not claiming to be a the next Shakespeare or anything but I'm pretty impressed with my letter writing abilities. Just saying.

I have only written two letters up to this point but all the gals out there better get prepared for their little piece of inked heaven to arrive eventually. (haha what a joke)

But really guys, when was the last time you put your thoughts down on paper and addressed it someone? It's a beautiful process and I think people should bring it back, make words seducing again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girl in a Coma

Its nearly over. Two more exams left to go and then its home time. This gives me hope of much needed alcohol.

What I wanted to speak about today is homies who go sour. Like one day you guys are just drinking from the same cup, sharing nicknames and totes being the life of the party and then the next day you don't even get a "hey babes!"

Maybe its just a girl thing but I've noticed that people kind of have flavours of the week and when its not you're week, shit, it just isn't your week.

So what should you do? Uuum smack that bitch up!?

Haha no honestly, there isn't much you can do other than wait until its your turn again and DON'T take it to heart. It doesn't reflect on the person you are (unless you're a mean bitch who doesn't add anything to the friendship and eats everyone's food) and in the meantime, just hang with other friends. She'll come around sooner or later.

On a side note - listen to a band called Girl in a Coma. Beautiful vocals and words and it goes lovely with a bowl of Woolies butternut soup. Mmmmm.

If you need to warm up, crank up some Beach Boys and jive like its the 60s.

Love and all that other sentimental shit<3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretty Little Things

So many things to be grateful for.

-spinach and feta quiche
-writing letters
-multiple choice exams
-going home in 5 sleeps
-beautiful girls in far away places
-having the most gorgeous friends in the world
-butternut soup
-looking for prestick but finding old photos
-Audrey Hepburn
-letting go of old secrets

And of course all you pretty little things out there who take the time to read my blog. I don't know you but already I love you<3

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, I'm in Love

Okay so I'm not actually in love but I have SO much to look forward to as from now (all studying and exams excluded)

Tonight "staff" party as Gemma would put it. Our class is all getting together, lecturers included, and we'll all going to the mighty Gay's house (by that I mean CJ) to indulge in food and punch together as a whole. There's some really incredible babes in my class who I really have bonded with and I'm totes excited to have a bit of fun with them tonight.

Lara and Rake are coming to Cape Town for their little squash tour and I hope I get to see their lovely faces. These girls, who are younger than most the people I'm friends with, make up for their lack in age by having big hearts. They're beautiful in every way and I am very excited to see them, if not this weekend then when I'm home in Joburg.

Genevieve (known more as Givi/Geevs) will be here for one night and one night only. Her friend won a ticket for herself and a friend to fly to Cape Town and attend the J&B party, all accommodation, travel, costs included. I know right? Cheeky bastards! Why the hell don't I ever have luck like that? But I'm glad that I'll be able to see her even if its just for a few hours.

And then next week I will be returning home to Joburg for my holidays :D I can't wait to be knee deep in bitches and to hopefully get my mojo back (the one I obviously left in Joburg) and to just dominate as I once used to. I aint scuuurrd.

Like don't get me wrong, etv and sabc are fabulous(soapies. Yay!) but this girl needs a little bit of dstv and to catch up on my high-fashion, gourmet, higher grade humour and High Definition television watching. And when I said "fabulous" I clearly meant day-time bullshit.

But for now I'll leave you little baby angels to enjoy your weekend. If you're looking for something extraordinary to do, go and get your hands on the new Panic! At the Disco album. Its called Vices & Virtues and I honestly can't remember listening to a CD and thinking that every single song was brilliant. I give this album 10/10 and if you haven't sprinted out the door in a hungry craze in search for this CD then don't even talk to me. Actually don't even think of me. Stop it. Stop it now. Just don't do it.

I know you all hold my advice dearly anyway :P

I also recommend that you get a bit out of hand this weekend and act inappropriately, especially by drunk texting Kendra and Dean and anyone else who is still writing exams :P

Until next time...<3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best From the Rest

News Profile on the most banging actress I know, Kim Rest. Heeeeeey!

Kim Possible

“Jenique?” she calls out. Her glowing presence is hard to miss. “Hi, Kim?” I ask but she wastes no time before hugging me and making herself comfortable. There’s a huge smile on her face, one that lasts throughout most of the interview. Although she’s very small in stature, after looking into her eyes, you know that she’s meant to captivate people, which she does with her pearl-like hazel coloured eyes that create the kind of depth only experienced in 3D movie theatres.

“[Art] is a huge part of my life, a huge part of everything I do: my friends, my career and my mindset, the way I think, the way I walk, the way I look at the world is all artistic. I don’t see numbers and systems; I see the beauty and the meaning.”

Kim Rest is in her second year in Acting for Camera and when you meet her, you can tell she’s in the business of entertaining. From a young age she knew exactly what she wanted to do, “In primary school I was chosen for the school play. I only had one line and when I said that line on stage, I knew I had to do this, I had to act” and she has stayed true to that ever since, being a part of a state theatre show that performed in Grahamstown and Pretoria and doing stunt work for a London based series called Strike Back 2. She was in a teen series called House Six and has done voiceovers for SL magazine as well as for student animations. Other appearances she’s made include a Vuka advertisement, Super Nova on Super Sport, the FHM Top 100 and the TV Plus Magazine.

Kim gets her inspiration from watching other performances, “When I watch a really good performance I think to myself, “I have to be like that, I have to be better”.” As well as from herself, “I need to push myself because no one else is going to.” But when she’s not entertaining people she engages herself through yoga as well as writing in journals which she has found to help her acting.

She has big plans for her future including moving to London to chase her dreams but for now you can catch her next performance at the Theatre on the District, for a play called Thirteen Objects which will be showing from the 29th to the 31st of July.

“It’s not just passion, I’m obsessed. I got really fascinated by the whole psychology of acting, creating characters using your own emotions… and as soon as I feel those emotions, those real, core emotions I know, this is what I’m living for.”

Monday, June 20, 2011

So Many Dads, So Little Time

Yussi, I'm a little bit embarrassed for not actually posting this on Father's Day, but what's a gal to do? I took full advantage of the weekend by abstaining from the blogging world and I'm darn proud of it, okay? Okay not really but come on.


Yesterday was Father's Day right and well the term "father" has always been a fun term in my life (by fun I mean complicated)

Let me start at the beginning, as most aspiring writers would...

I was born in 1991 to the parents Jenefer and Tino Lozzi and I was their second child after having a beeeg brother, Gianni Lozzi. We were your average Italian family, you know, eating pasta and drinking wine, over using profanities and wearing more than your acceptable amount of gold jewelry. Unfortunately things did turn sour and my momee and dadee got a divorce. I was like 4 or something so what did I know or care? I still had two totally awesome parents.

Well my momee met another man, Neil Murray (an Englishman) and I took very well to him. In fact I moved in with him and my momee and we were just the best of friends. My brother was a typical testosterone driven boy who tried to rebel against everything and there was always tension between him and my lovely step dadee. But what did I care? I now had three awesome parents.

And then around the age of 6, something weird happened. A friend of my momee and step dadee showed up and they had a little sit down with me. They explained that this man was in fact my REAL dadee.


THREE AWESOME DADS?! - That was basically my reaction (you can tell I was a simple child, right?)

Well just like any simple child, I grew up.

I kind of lost contact with my Italian dadee and although I still lived with my momee and step dadee, I now visited real dadee every second weekend :)

*Real dadee came with step momee (who I love like a real momee) - just so you know

Anyway at the end of it, I went from having three dads who I thought were the tits, to being very disappointed and ending up with only one. The REAL one.

His name is Keith Malcolm Le Roux and he is my dad. He missed all my vital baby years and I think that kind of affected our relationship in the long run. We're also very alike and we kind of always bumped heads. I moved in with him and my step momee for most of high school and I think living under the same roof just intensified our disagreements.

But now that I'm out of the house my relationship with my dad is amazing. We are more tolerable of each other and we get along great. When I visit we exchange music and bond over lovely hubbly sesh and there is usually more laughter than shouting. I respect my dad more than any other person. He was a naughty shit when he was younger, being expelled from school and even being kicked out of countries but I think that's why he was always so hard on me, he didn't want me making his mistakes.

But through everything he put me through a top private school, bought me a car and cooked dinner for his family every night. and it was awesome food!

So I'd like to say that I love you, dad. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I can't wait to see you in July for your birthday. I really miss you and I'm proud to say that you're my dadee :D

Just me and my babes at a dress-up

Just some random facts about my dadee
  • He has the LOUDEST laugh imaginable 
  • Every time before going out he will, without fail, say "Yus but your dad is a babe hey?"
  • He likes hubbly more than I do
  • He used to be a paper delivery boy (I think that is so cute)
  • He makes the best potjie. Mmmmm
  • He teases me about everything
  • When I came out as being gay his response was "don't worry, I'm a lesbian too"
  • He is now a game ranger and likes to be referred to as Ranger Bob (he usually breaks out in hysterical laughter whenever he calls himself this)
  • He once wrestled an Eland to protect me (keep in mind that this animal is about three times the size of my dad)
  • He still finds pillow fights fun
  • He finds it absolutely amusing to pick up bugs and put them on me
  • When I was little he made me leave out a beer for Santa saying that "Santa will be sick of getting so much milk" and I believed him.
  • The only picture I have ever seen of him and my mom together is of them dressed as transvestites for a Rocky Horror party
  • He cried on my last day of school
  • Every time I do or say something intellectual he will point out how intellectual I am and then add "I wonder who you got that from" followed by a smug look on his face.
  • He bought us matching knives because he thought it was cool 
  • He has the entire Terry Pratchett collection
And that's my dad<3

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Closet is a Scary Dark Place


Here is an issue that I think is fairly big... Closet GAYS!

I understand that being gay isn't the healthiest lifestyle and that its a big and scary world out there but there comes a time in your life when the best thing for you to do, is just admit you're gay.

Sure its tough and you're worried about people judging you or not accepting you. But I can tell you from first-hand experience that the people who do have a problem with it, aren't worth the time and effort at the end of the day.

It takes a few years to find your footing but in the end, when you learn to accept yourself, that's when other people will accept you! There's nothing wrong with being a raging homosexual and people will realise that when they see that you're not there to do any harm, you're actually just a lost little dwarf hamster, trying to find your place is this crazy spinning wheel. BUT also, don't go around in a pink tutu, Silver pants and a fishnet top and expect people to accept you for "who you are" because that's bullshit. If any straight person dressed like that, they would probably be shunned from society. So take it easy, "raging homosexual" doesn't mean you have to shoved your sexual preferences down everyone's throat. Be classy. Be sexy. Be charming and be one hell of a animal in bed ;)

*you are now certified to come OUT

Look at me, I accept myself and I'm awesome :P

So come on out of that dirty closet, Honey. I've got your back<3

If you got slightly excited about this, you are gay. Come out. Now.

We need these gays to adopt the poor babies of this world!

P.S - There is a guy in my class who is SUCH a closet gay and I hope he reads this and just comes out. I'll even buy him a beer (or a Cosmo, which is more likely)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Body

I Like My Body When it is With Your Body
- ee cummings

i like my body when it is with your
It is so quite a new thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body.
 i like what it does,
i like its hows. 
i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, 
and the trembling
smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
 i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, 
slowly stroking the,
 shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, 
and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh . . . .
 And eyes big love-crumbs,
and possibly i like the thrill
of under me you quite so new

The Men After My Heart

After doing Creative Writing in class today, I was reminded of how much poetry speaks to me. I would rather read a whole book of poetry than a novel. That's right, I'm totes having a love affair with poetry and my love is torn between two men, ee cummings and Pablo Neruda.

I think it's the way these men wrote of love that has me completely captivated. I hang on every word of theirs.

Pablo Neruda

Is known to write his poetry in a rhythm that is supposed to mirror sex. So just from that, it's easy to say his stuff is deeply passionate and his imagery is flawless and seducing. Some of his poems can be found under my Poetry page. Definitely worth taking a look!

Ee Cummings

This guy knows how to take ordinary, boring things and give them the most beautiful shades. He writes of nature and love and people and God and even sex (The most amazing way you will ever see sex written) and I am head over heels for him. I will be posting some of his stuff soon, so keep and eye out!


I’m coming home,
To a full belly and late night laughs.
A place where I am untouchable,
There’s nothing better than a mother’s love.

A full belly and late night laughs:
A time worthy of dreams.
There’s nothing better than a mother’s love,
A place where I am lost and found again.

A time worthy of dreams,
A warrior returning to a hero’s welcome,
A place where I am lost and found again –
The voices that carry me away.

A warrior returning to a hero’s welcome,
I soak up their light,
The voices that carry me away –
I can’t stay but I linger a while longer.

I soak up their light –
A place where I am untouchable –
I can’t stay but I linger a while longer...

I’m coming home.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Little Corner of The Planet

Thought I'd share a peak at my humble abode and just some of the things that make me love my life in Cape Town!

Vintage pictures and mirror.

My obsession<3

Vintage bookshelf<3

Pretty, big windows.

The picture I wake up to every morning. It's beautiful<3

My work space :)

ALSO... Here's some winter goodies I picked up on the weekend.
A lovely woolen beanie. Keeps my kop deliciously warm.

Vintage print jersey<3
AND... Here's a place I both love and dread as I never have the energy or time to go, but when I do, I love it so much. My little bit of relaxation. My laundromat :)

Well there's your little look into my life here in Cape Town.

Oh and P.S - While most people experience the social dilemma triangle, I fear that mine is more of a rectangle:

Yayeee! My House is Now a Home

I received my first bit of mail today. My first bit of mail in my new place and I think that was the last touch in making Cape Town my true home.

A big, awesome thank you must go out to Miss Rice who sent me my first piece of delicious mail. It wasn't just any old letter either, it had inspiring words and she included the sweetest necklace (one that I saw on her blog and went all gaga over)

Officially the best mail I have EVER received<3
She's my favourite team mate and she deserves as much love and happiness that can possibly be crammed into her heart without making it explode :D

Just like her pretty heart, she has a pretty blog: Pink Made It Punk which is defo worth looking at!


My beautiful card and necklace<3
Seriously, if you see this gal around, you should buy her lunch and shower her with praises! YES.

The Times

 Pictures like these make me wish I was born in a different era. Everything has so much character, everything is so alive. Imagine a world of black and white but full of colour<3

 Words. Just Words.

 WOW! Blast from the past. I remember my after-school activities used to mainly consist of watching these programs. *nostalgic sigh*

 "Some people's kids"

<3 I can't wait to have my own <3