Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away

 When it rains I think of infinity and how the rain can make those who believe, infinite. Infinite in that we belong to the rain and just as the rain always comes back, so will we.

When I think of the rain I think of a line from my favourite movie, “God is in the rain” and it gives me a feeling of faith, that if I just feel and listen, with my hands turned up, to the drops of liquid heaven that for a moment I’ll be a part of something ever-knowing and always forgiving.

“God is in the rain.”

Just think about it, while other runs for shelter or look for safety in cars or homes or even sharing the cover of a corrugated iron bust stop with strangers, the purest form of love is spilling from the sky. Why run? Why don’t they believe in the rain the way I do? Imagine being drenched in life and feeling for just a moment, as if you’re infinite, that if it had to end right now you’d never be lost only ever found in every summer shower and winter downpour.

When I think of the rain I think of ideas and how they’re invincible. No one can stop you from dreaming or thinking and even when you’re gone your ideas will live on. Just as the rain touches so many lives, washes down on them, so will the way I lived be remembered amongst those who I met and learned to love.
When it rains I think of those people and how even though they’re so far away, we’re connected by these floods and when I’m spinning around with up-turned hands, I can feel their love and I can hear their ideas. They too have become infinite.


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