Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Ellen - That's Me!

Most of my family and even some of my friends have told me that I remind them of Ellen DeGeneres. Not because of my delicious blue eyes or straight white teeth, not even because I'm ridiculously amazing, but because I have a similar sense of humour to her. Maybe because I can also bust out some moves (I've been told that my moves on the dance floor are likened to those of Jane Fonda's)

No but really, I look up to her and I'm truly a huge fan of hers. I think she would want to meet me. We could talk about all kinds of things, like being gay, what we ate for breakfast, how we got so cool and share our ipod playlists (mine will blow her mind!)

I have to add though that I am a bit jealous of her for having such a bangin' wife. My dream is to one day find a hot babe of a gal to marry me. (But I would prefer if we both wore wedding dresses)
Being a broke-ass student has resulted in me not affording DSTV and the only show that I really miss is The Ellen DeGeneres Show:(

Did I mention that she has a really hot wife?

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