Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its French, Its Sexy

If you want to be in awe of something sexy and inspiring, take a look at this blog called

Here's a tasty peak

You're welcome.

Friday, August 19, 2011

For Shits and Gigs

In class today we had to create our own conservative political party and because I'm so hilarious I decided to make mine on a matter that would outright contradict me:

Gay rights.

We had to write a press release promoting our new party and this is what I came up with:

A new right-wing party is happy to finally integrate their views into the nation. On Friday the 12th, A Nation Against Gay Equality came forward with groundbreaking ideals and conservative opinions in regards to their beliefs concerning the homosexual lifestyle.

Party leader Fred E. Mercury shares his excitement in finally taking back what was unlawfully stolen and predominantly a heterosexual privilege. 

“I’m sure I speak for all of us in saying that the fa├žade adopted by homosexuals as being harmless will not fool us any longer,” He says, “We will expose them for what they are.”

“I’m tired of overfed politicians having no back bone when it comes to cutting out the rot of this nation,” Mercury explains as well as promises to rule with an iron fist, “I do enjoy a good fisting.”

The ANAGE are prepared to cleanse the nation with objectives including women keeping their hair at a presentable length, no shorter than below the shoulders and the banning of men wearing pink clothing items, “real men don’t wear pink.” Adds Mercury.  No longer shall the rainbow be affiliated with any same-sex connotations. Preferably the use of the rainbow in any fact or fictitious context will be banned wholly and no longer can the term “gay” be affiliated with a sense of happiness and delight.

The need for homosexuals shall be exterminated by instructing everyone to start planning their own weddings and decorating their homes themselves. “We really have to be stern with this, these gays are relentless, take away their creativity and we’ll take away their driving force,” says Mercury.

“The thought of gays adopting parent-less and abandoned children or having a monogamous relationship proves their malicious intentions and I hope that you will all join me in saying, ‘enough is enough!’”

Emma Wright? tehe.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak Preview

Hey gangsters...

So like it's Creative Writing Tuesday and I'm working on a bit of a short story. It is romantic in nature but also dramatic. I have just introduced the protagonist's love interest and I've decided to share it with you, a 'sneak preview' if you will.

And here it is you lovely critters:

I knew these lines already, I knew them after the second week into this state of insomnia and realised that it wasn’t as much of reading as it was finding comfort in the familiar words. I didn’t have to pay them my full attention, rather I found it hard to. All these books remind me of those little bass beats, the ones that appear on the hi-fi set that imitate the tempo of the music and tonight there was a clicking, which at first I thought was just in my head, relieved after I finally captured the source in my view.

Her floor-length skirt kissed the linoleum tiles and although I couldn’t see her feet, I had a perfect image of what they looked like. At first glance, no one would pin her for a dancer but I noticed how the lower end of her back con-caved more than usual, that curve that appears when a girl is walking on the balls of her feet, a habit which I’m sure started many years back judging from how precise her stride was. I could imagine her having small feet and that finding shoes to fit them would be a struggle, one that she would usually forfeit to and compromise with the next best fit. The clicking could only be coming from, as I presume, the back of her shoes having not enough heel to hold onto and coyly kissing the floor in turns with every step, just as her skirt had done.

Not having seen them, didn’t make imagining them impossible because now I found myself reluctant to pull my thoughts away from their form. The high arch, a perfect circle cut in half, so small and still so embracing.

 *    *     *

Go easy on me<3

Friday, August 12, 2011


Children on the blogworld!

I feel terrible for abandoning you guys for so long. My internet has been an ol' slut and I guess I've just been taking advantage of Cape Town's amazing summer-like weather (which obviously has come to an ending considering I woke up to a view of what can only be described as Dooms Day)

After being in Joburg for a month I found it hard to re-adjust to Cape Town living but once I did, I fell in love with it all over again.

My dear friend Natalie came over from Joburg for a little visit and it was fabulous, some would say it was the bayest! We spent a whole lot of time frolicking in the sun and watching boats enter the harbour while munching on Kinderjoy flavoured ice cream (yes you heard right) and being one with the genius seagulls on Camps Bay beach. We went to The Used concert and ended up spending one-too-many Rands on alcohol that didn't get us drunk or even merry for that matter. But we got to see Lark (in love) and get lost in a sea of (not so nice smelling) sweaty bodies while screaming in people's ears (a gal's best defence) and blowing on their necks.

Unfortunately our holiday was almost sabotaged by 'She who shall not be named' who tried everything from throwing stink bombs in our moving vehicle to nearly losing my drivers licence and bank card. Tut tut. Not so nice of you!

Anyway its been two days since Natalie (aka - Natz) left and Cape Town is literally crying for her return. So come back Natz, come back you ol' slut so we can wrestle :P

As for all you babes out there, I really do apologise for being a blogging hermit so I will hopefully catch up with many more tales of the brave and restless.

Fear not, I'm feeling fascinating<3